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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/29 3:43:00 (23 reads)

One of the good guy's that is for sure,if it wasen't for him i would never have read the "anarchist's cookbook"...
Read on....

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/27 5:13:05 (43 reads)

Finally our local pulitzer prize winning paper steps to the plate and hits another home run for the local team! Many of the local critics have been at odds with the "softball" reporting usually done on the cult...could this be the start of something big?
A must read article in our sunday edition was found slap dab on the front page and is making big how "cult" spoksperson Ben Shaw gives their experts up for a comment and surprisingly they all agree that it's way out of line!...ooops...footbullet?
A unique look at the "disconnection policy"
To all those who have been disconnected and declared......this one's for you!
Read on and pass along....please!
p.s. Please e-mail a response in support.....

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/25 18:22:59 (41 reads)

Here it is folks,the results of the first dianetics run...did we expect anything more...really?
Below is the link...dropping after 48 laps,ending in 16th place...?
Is it really true that the pit crew was using newspaper to clean the windshield? Jeez can these guy's do anything right?
Thanks to "Swede Savage's Ghost" for posting on ARS...

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/23 20:52:30 (35 reads)

Move over tom!.... the dirt needs some fresh face to sit on!
Well we were sure someone would focus on the origional scieno superstar...and now they did!
One of the best and nastiest rants on record by a pro...
Via...Cult news network

Posted by proflex on 2006/6/21 22:17:18 (26 reads)

How embarassing it must be not only to have had one of the biggest media blitz's in movie history go sour at the box office, but now to top it all off,he has to re-create stunts for the paying fans...and in japan no less!
Jump tommy tommy smile....look happy you jackass these freaks paid good yen to see that ass!

Updated 6/20/06...
Thanks...Natty P via..

Here tom flies over Bagdad....

Posted by proflex on 2006/6/21 20:01:00 (31 reads)

Our hearts and minds are with you chuck, we know how hard it can be to cope with all this crap getting sent your way! To all you readers out there this is how a x-memb. is attacked by the most "ethical" group on the planet.....attached is a link to a news article on this brave guy!

On the next page is the latest e-mail sent by "ken Shapiro" chuck,in response to chucks factually based accusations of physical violence by the "cults" leader..."David Miscavige" (who incidently runs this global scam with only a 9th grade education).
We can only assume that his inability to control his explosive temper relates in some way to his lack of a higher education or lack of something else....somewhere else?
SLIPUP? how this "cult rep." uses possable PC folder contents in a harassing manor and also exposes their anti-alternative lifestyle agenda!
Please search for #1 and #2 previously reported on this site.
Read then at bottom!

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/20 21:45:46 (59 reads)

A footbullet a day?.....In this latest scieno attempt to censor a newsgroup for a post, they lose to 100 thousand hits before they get it pulled!
Don't they get it yet with the net...? This stuff spreads like wildfire!
Thanks for this to "Android Cat"....ARS post! Grrrrrrrr!....insightful dissemination at the end as well.
View it all on the following page....

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/20 20:58:44 (204 reads)

Boy is this a desperate attempt to supress the sure to send your comments to the author at her e-mail address!
Hello?...."don't do" = "do"!.....Now "entheta" viewing will definately run rampant in scieno homes across the globe! Critics only need to sit back and watch the sunset on these guys lately.....desperate?

Thanks to.....Lagniappe ARS post.

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/20 9:37:09 (30 reads)

Another case of justice gone sour?
Boy, tom sure has his prints all over the place lately, and if you are a regular caller to the cruze household you might want to get a lawyer to ask his lawyer if you can have your taped conversations back!
Funny how this whole mess mimics the "cults" own policy on the subject of dealing with opponents. This whole situation still may prove to be the biggest thing yet to come out of the weird world of celeb spying!

If you don't have a clue on!

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/20 8:23:15 (26 reads)

The chefster is sick huh.....can't scientology cure his ill's? We find it extremely revealing that "his doctor" advised this latest career decision. Why don't the regular scieno's have real doctors...instead of always being led to quack chiropractors? Whatever his medical advice we sure hope he is gonna be ok and take this advice from us on one point of good future health...leave the cult behind you once and for all!

Good work and good eyes....thanks Daisy! ( media post)

Full link on the following page.....

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/19 22:43:58 (41 reads)

A valuable read and very telling tale of what's been seen first hand!
For those not familar here's a little info....
CO stands for Commanding Officer, basically the CEO or President of the INCOMM group in this case.
INCOMM is the group that creates all the computer software for Scientology and management. It stands for International Network of Computer Organized Management.
This INCOMM and the CO are comprised only of Sea Org staff. That means they signed a one billion year contract and promised not to have
children (for the good of the church). The Sea Org is a fraternal
organization that controls all of Scienology. They are currently run by
David Miscavige.

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/19 21:55:47 (13 reads)

Well....i guess anyone can ask!
I always assumed you had to honor the wishes of your spouse when she says no....this guy thought a little convincing was all she needeed! I will say rough sex is hot sometimes but when your partner is dripping blood all kinda kills the orgy scene. We dont see any "party" invites in this couples future....

HMMMM....he has been with the clw. p.d. sence 1991..any revelance to his duties at the time of the LMT years....?
Look for a possable update on this one....?

Posted by proflex on 2006/6/19 15:44:13 (41 reads)

YouTube is the one to watch when it comes to scieno smackdowns such as this...."A friend to mankind"......a 4 part documentary on the cult re-edited from previously aired footage is a must see!!
Although i have seen most of the footage previously it shows the scope of what can be done with editing video. I came away from it with a increased sense of sadness...and to think still to this day the abuse continues!


Below are the links part-1,2,3,4......
Thanks to all those who helped bring this to the was their efforts that brought it this it's time for the masses to pick up where they left off......understand?

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Posted by proflex on 2006/6/16 6:47:26 (21 reads)

Via....a.r.s. post
and the scoop goes to one of the best...A.L.!

HEY,'s gonna happen! Yes,only one's the New Zealand's version of the hard hitting and award winning show. We are sure you will be able to view it once it airs though, this kind of stuff is usually widly distributed.
SLAM OR GLAM?....Got stone's or pebbles guy's?....we'll see!
Titled "mission Implausable" the segment teaser can be seen through the following link.
Thanks to those "die hard" scieno fans out there for making it possable.......everyone freel free to pitch in too!
Thanks to xenu-tv for posting this for all to see...

Posted by proflex on 2006/6/15 18:42:16 (36 reads)

Well here is another e-mail sent to our good pal chuck..if you need more backround on this continueing saga you can refer to an earlier post titled "scienos attack x-mem with fake e-mails" on pg.2.
This drama continues to unfold on a daily basis and this time "footprints" were left and followed!
Chuck does not deserve this shit and we hope that this site can help expose these guy's for who they really are....true scienos!
Here one e-mail writer is outed... read the e-mail below and follow it to the source...a WISE connection?....definately a scieno one!
To get in on the action visit.....

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